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  1. Get it approved
  2. Verify it (once every 3 months)
  3. Identify the products that could be replaced by yours (Competitors)
  4. Get a featured listing (a paid option)

Product Alternatives

What is the meaning of product ratings in the lists with alternatives?

Our ratings are a combined score of votes and articles from around the web where we have noticed a particular product listed as an alternative to another. Moreover, rating units have different weight. For example, a product with a rating of 100 might be lower in the list compared to a product with 80.

How does ranking work at SaasHub?

It's based on articles we know where various products are being compared around the web.

What can I do to get the first position in a particular category?

We can't guarantee the first position to anyone. However, what you could do is send to us links to articles where your product is compared with some of your competitors. Blog posts from independent bloggers would be perfect.
You can submit blog posts here - Submit Alternatives.

Product Promotion

Yes. You can review the product promotion page

Yes. Please check the fetured products page

Guest Posts

Can I publish a guest post on SaaSHub?

Yes, you can publish a guest post on SaaSHub as long as you follow our guidelines. You can learn more here.

How much does it cost to publish a guest post?

We don't offer paid guest posts. As long as you follow the guidelines, it's FREE.