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SaaSHub's Tech Radar

We are monitoring and analyzing public data points from all 195,266 listed products.
This allows us to provide some unique index lists of the most popular tech used by software companies.

Hosting & CDN

Market share of the most popular hosting and CDN providers used by software companies.

Domain Registration

See which are the most used domain name registrars by market share.

DNS Providers

Market share of the products being used for DNS management.


When it comes to receiving emails this is the list of the most popular providers.

Email Delivery

Sending emails could be complex and difficult. See here what everyone is using.

What is SaaSHub's Technology Radar?

This technology radar is a market share tracker of the most popular software providers. It is based on public data points from all products listed on SaaSHub.

What is the purpose of this Tech Radar?

  • To be an objective mirror of the most popular tech providers in important verticals.
  • To identify growing and declining products.
  • To help you stay informed about technology.

How do we maintain the Tech Radar?

  • We keep track of public data once on product submission and then every quarter.
  • We keep a record of each tech provider's market share and ranking per month.
  • We review our raw data periodically to identify new providers.

Can I add my product to the indexes here?

Sure thing! All you have to do is to submit your product to SaaSHub and it will be automatically included in the indexes as long as it reaches Top 100 (or Top 50 in some cases).