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Benefits of a premium listing

SaaSHub is a growing software marketplace (1,214,000+ page views per month) with an audience of people looking for new software products or alternatives to what they use already. By subscribing to a featured listing, your product will get the following premium exposure:

Promoted on the homepage

Homepage promo

Your product will be listed on the "FEATURED" section of our homepage. The promo on this section is rotated with all other premium services.

Furthermore, one of the premium products will be listed on the 2nd position of our main homepage feed as:

Product Alternatives

Our 'product alternatives' pages are the most popular after the homepage. The product you are promoting will be listed both on the 3rd primary position as a "SPONSORED" one and below the hero (a small 'Featured' section).

These premium listings have an extra and prominent green button, 'Visit Website', that isn't present on other listings. You can find an example by clicking here.

The premium product will be listed on the pages of all identified competitors, pages of competitors, and pages of products that have similar categories.

Additionally, only premium products will have their screenshot displayed within lists and that makes them more prominent.

Promoted on alternatives page in-list
Promoted on category page in-hero

Product Categories

There are three promo sections on our category pages.

1. We list three products that are under the target or similar categories at the bottom of the hero.
2. The third position in the primary list with products.
3. Relevant products are promoted on the top of the sidebar

Click here to see an example.

Product comparison pages

Premium products are also promoted on our compare product pages and the footer section.

This promo includes a simple line with the logo, name and tagline of the premium product. The name and the logo include a link to the product's website.

Again, your product will be promoted only on relevant pages, and if there are multiple targeted premium product, they are rotated on each page view.

Compare Products page

Geo Distribution

Newsletter Promo

Last but not least, all premium products are included in our weekly newsletter - "The SaaS Tribune".

Two premium products, selected randomly, are listed in the 3rd and last position within the list of trending start-ups that we deliver to our subscribers.


Our weekly issues are released every Thursday ~ 13:42 San Francisco time. They include the top services from the previous week as well as those that we have considered as useful.

13,000+ Subscribers

You are not alone. More than 13,000 professionals have already subscribed and are receiving the trending software start-ups in their inboxes.

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The lifetime value of one of your customers is much more than $145. It is going to be a positive return on investment for you when we bring you only one customer a month. And we will refer more.

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Promote a product
$145 / Month

Estimated Monthly Referrals *

31 to 57

* The above numbers are estimates based on past data and can deviate depending on many factors that are out of our control. For example: external visitors traffic, your product name, logo, tagline, description and many more.


How many clicks can I expect?

Although we cannot guarantee any specific number of clicks, we can give you an estimate of the number of targeted users we are going to refer to your product. They are: 31 to 57 as of 28 Feb 2024.

What countries are SaaSHub's users from?

According to Google Analytics, the top 10 countries of SaaSHub's visitors are: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Brazil & India.

Why SaaSHub's promo price is so low compared to other software marketplaces?

We can offer the most affordable promo package, compared to all our competitors, as we have very low running costs. While SaaSHub's competitors pay high office rents and usually have dozens of full-time employees, we operate remotely and have less than five people on payroll + non-fulltime contractors.

Do you offer PPC promo?

As of now, we offer a flat fee monthly promo only. The benefits of this are that it is resistant to any bot or fake clicks, and there are no surprise charges.

Can I use tracking or an affiliate link?

Yes. All premium products get the extra functionality to add tracking parameters or affiliate links. Just visit the "Featured Listing" page on the management section of your product, and you will find the relevant form at the top of the page.

Do you offer in-house campaign stats?

No. You have to use your own tracking links and parameters.

On which pages is my product going to be promoted?

You can read the "Benefits" section above to see all the specific pages and sections on SaaSHub where your product is to be promoted.

How can I cancel?

Cancelling is as easy as going to the management page of your product and then visiting the "Featured Listing" navigation link. There is a "cancel" button at the bottom of that page. Just follow that, and you are not going to be charged anymore. No questions asked.