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SaaSHub Experts

The ongoing tournament game that rewards the best products


"SaaSHub Experts" is a community of experts and an ongoing tournament that helps product makers to promote their products and allows others to explore the top products of every Day, Week, Month & Year.

Every day, the top 5 products will be featured on the homepage.

How does it work?

Every day, apart from the weekend, there is a round comprising 15 products nominated by the users of SaaSHub. Then, every expert selects (promotes) the Top 5 products based on his judgement. When a round closes, we calculate the Top 5 products taking into account all participants’ selections and their “Expert Rating”. The top 3 products of a given day are automatically nominated for a “Product of the Week” vote. In the same vein, the top 3 products of the week go to a vote for "Product of the month". The same logic applies to “Product of the Year”.

The Basics

There are two steps.

  1. Selecting 3-10 nominated products that you think are the most useful, helpful or interesting.
  2. Nominating one product for tomorrow's round of selection.

Then two things happen at midnight (California time)

  1. The top 5 products are selected (based on the relevant promos).
  2. The next round's 15 products are selected according to the expert rating of their nominators.

Expert Points

Every user has an expert rating that is calculated based on their product promotions and nominations. When you promote a product, you earn points for the selection of each of the Top 5 products voted by the community. The higher in the list the product is, the more points you earn. What is more, you will get points for the number of suggestions that match the community's top 5.

i.e. To maximize your expert points, you should strive to select the Top 5 products that the community will deem to be the best.

You will also receive bonus points when you've nominated a product that's amongst the Top 5. With that in mind, you will have a higher expert rating when you nominate high-quality and helpful products.

Expert Rating

The expert rating is a multiplier that is applied to your votes. The higher your expert rating, the more influence you have when you vote. This is a way to reward active and positive participation in the community.

It is based on the number of points you've earned and the number of votes you've cast. The more points you earn, the higher your expert rating will be. The more days you participate, the higher your expert rating will be.

The formula is: 10 + "avg points in the last 30 days" * ("monthly rounds number" / 30).


How can I join?

All you need is a SaaSHub account and to vote on Product of the Day.

What are the benefits of a product progressing through the different stages?

The different stages being: Product of the Day, Product of the Week, Product of the Month and Product of the Year.

  • Product vendors can use the results as a form of marketing and social proof.
  • The higher in the ladder a product goes, the more exposure it will receive.

What are the benefits of developing your SaaSHub Experts rating?

  • The higher your rating, the more influence you have when you vote. This is our way to reward active and positive participation in the community.
  • You could have fun along the process. It's like a game for product makers and digital marketers.

How can I maximize my Expert Rating?

  • You can maximize your influence by participating in 30 rounds and earn as many points per round as possible.