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All you need is Wide Events, not "Metrics, Logs and Traces"

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    Polyglot observability for Logs, Metrics and Traces

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  2. Cost-effective database for huge amounts of time series data
    Https:// would definitely recommend anyone having performance issues with Prometheus to give VictoriaMetrics a try.

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  3. Interactive code examples/posts
    FWIW I think x-ray has everything you need, its just that AWs tooling does not give you much ability to aggregate over x-ray bundles. I wrote a tool to help bulk load x-ray samples into a local browser duckdb and then slice and dicing in realtime interactive visualisations. It also includes the ability to generate a flamegraph over the selected traces. All this great data is already in an AWS, account and we just need better tools to make use of it.

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