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Dead Sea Salt
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Dead Sea Salt

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Our 100% Pure Aviv International Dead Sea Salts are 'TheBomb.com' when it comes to a  bath! We import what's referred to as Semi-dry Dead Sea Salts. This type of Dead Sea Salt does not undergo a heated or drying process like most Dead Sea salts on the market today. The semi-dry salts contain the highest content of skin-beneficial Magnesium Chloride possible. It's as if you reached under the silky, briny water and pulled the salts up from the shore line with your bare hands. (Yes, we've been there & done that! AWESOME experience!)

Why we import 100% Pure Semi-dry Dead Sea Salts:

In 1997, our Founder & Formulator Tammy Doering was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. After a year of being a total 'zombie' due to prescription medications she began to pray and ask God to show her a better way to live. In her quest to find a more natural way of living she encountered numerous medical studies documenting the healing and therapeutic powers of the Dead Sea salts. Here's one of those studies for you to read:

Dr. J. Arndt, from Germany did a case study on the effects of Dead Sea Bath Salts with patients that suffered with psoriasis. He had fifty patients, which ranged from the ages of 14 to 77 years old. They were treated with pure Dead Sea Bath Salts in a controlled study. The treatments consisted of partial or total baths. The total baths contained 2 Kgs (1Kgs = 2.2lbs) of Dead Sea Bath Salts and were dissolved in the bath at a temperature of 27 C(80.6°F). The partial baths consisted of a concentration of around 10% Dead Sea Bath Salts. Patients stayed in the baths for 20 minutes. Following the bath they rinsed well with running water. Dr. Amdt noted that the effects were enhanced when the patient remained in a warm-packed condition for one hour after the bath. (Note: in a home environment, this may be obtained by wrapping in a heavy, cotton robe or resting under blankets)

These treatments were performed for 3 to 4 weeks, and consisted of 3-4 baths per week. The results showed that most symptoms of the illness diminished within one week of treatment. The most noticeable improvements were a decrease in itching, scaling & joint complaints. He also noted that the patients were able to fall asleep and remain sleeping even through difficulties. (This discovery would explain why utilizing Dead Sea Bath Salts prior to bedtime would help Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Sufferers rest better.) Other parameters such as spreading, redness and infiltration decreased slowly. Overall, improvement was steady during the four weeks of treatments and left the patients essentially free from complaints.

Dr. Arndt points out that of one of the most significant factors from the patients point of view was the rapid relief from itching. There was corresponding relief from sleeping disturbances, which were rather wide-spread prior to treatment. The drastic decrease in scaling within one week can be interpreted by physician and patient alike as a further proof of the course outlined above: healing was total in 27 patients (54%), whereas in 22 cases there was a marked impressive improvement. Tolerance was excellent in all 50 cases. There were no side effects whatsoever, dermatological or otherwise. "Salt from the Promised Land Helps Psoriasis Patients", Dr. J. Arndt, Published in Arztliche Praxis, vol. 34, No. 48, 1920,(15.6.1982).

Another amazing study has been done by our very own NASA on a microbe discovered in the pure Dead Sea Salts. The research is extensive, so we've just put in the link to the study - click on it if you're interested - it's REALLY Cool to read about! The Dead Sea is actually ALIVE!




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