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Just like you, we've been blown away with all of the marketing hype and garbage that is going on in social media lately about hemp CBD Oil.

It's literally the Wild, Wild West out there! So who can you believe?

First and foremost, we are NOT here to bash any other product or company - we are SIMPLY + HONESTLY analyzing our product to other products in an effort to hold our company accountable and able to say, 'We have the World's Ultimate Premium CBD Oil'!

In this comparison  we will be analyzing our 30ml Wellnessceuticals THC Free CBD Oil to Vasayo's 60ml THC Free CBD Oil.

Vasayo's Supplement Facts:
Price on 60ml bottle (390mgs) $155 = .397 CENTS per mg
$1.59 per 4mgs

Our Supplement Facts:
Our price on 30ml bottle (2400mgs) $185 = .077 CENTS per mg
0.31 cents per 4mgs

When it comes to Quality + Cost - You be the Judge!


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