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- the winter months have your hands going from smooth and soft to red and dry

- the reason this happens is because the lack of moisture in the air

- the humidity outside plummets 

- and the air inside is dry because of things like central heating 

- all of these factors are why you need to take care of your hands in the winter 

- this can cause cracking of the hands

- fissures can be a problem as well



- tips and tricks 


   - moisturize 

        - to treat dry skin is by replacing the moisture that's been stripped

        - and only drinking water won’t put back the hydration you need 

        - the moisturizer applied to the skin is what rehydrates your skin

        - this barrier keeps the moisture in your skin from being drawn out by harsh conditions 

        - using the right kind of cream can actually help to pull water from the air and rehydrate the skin

        - using moisturizer before the dryness starts is the best preventative for dry hands 

        - apply moisturizer to the hands multiple times a day

        - with everyone using hand sanitizer frequently these days this is the more important than ever

        - keep your hands hydrated if you want to prevent further skin issues before they start 
        - our Soothing Salve is a natural alternative to Petroleum Jelly and is unscented. Coat hands and cover with Glad Press-N-Seal and put in heated mitts for 20-30 minutes per day. Repeat as often as necessary.

       - our Mud Lite II Creme contains over 40 good-for-your-skin ingredients, it's loaded with Dead Sea Minerals, Healing Herbs, Aloe Vera, MSM and a plethora of other wonderful skin beneficial ingredients.



   - how to wash your hands 

        - winter time especially is when hand washing is it’s most frequent and crucial

        - germs and bacteria live better in colder weather so transmission of these germs becomes more rampant 

        - it is still important to wash your hands, but here’s some tips on how to do so without drying your hands out

        - opt for a gentle soap

        - you want to make sure the soap you’re using has ingredients like Dead Sea minerals which act naturally as a humectant 

        - these minerals can help keep moisture in your skin because they draw moisture from the air 

        - a mild Dead Sea unscented soap is the best way to go because it’ll be gentle on your skin while keeping it clean 

        - use warm, not hot, water

        - hot water actually strips your skin of hydration 

        - so using warm water can help keep your skin from losing too much moisture

        - pay your hands dry instead of vigorously rubbing them

        - this helps keep some moisture on the hands instead of removing all of it 

        - apply moisturizer directly after

        - this locks hydration in and forms a barrier to keep it from escaping 


   - use a cool mist humidifier 

        - this adds moisture back in the air

        - humidifiers are touted by beauty industries and for good reason 

        - not only will it help keep your facial skin hydrated it’ll help your hands with moisture as well

        - keep them throughout your house in the most common places you spend time

        - always keep one in your bedroom as it’s important even while you’re sleeping 

        - it can help ease dry itchy skin as well

        - so if you’re already experiencing dry, itchy hands a humidifier is a great start to fighting it 

        - make sure to clean it regularly to prevent mold and bacteria from growing 



   - wear gloves 

        - gel lined gloves are amazing for the winter time 

        - they help keep your hands sealed in hydration as well as preventing the outside air from reaching your hands 

        - if you’re having dry problems this is a must have

        - applying moisturizer before putting your hands in the gloves is a great treatment for dry, itchy hands 

        - doing this before bed time gives your hands the best hydration therapy while your sleep

        - leaving your hands soft, supple, and hydrated when you wake up

        - wearing gloves outside the house is also important

        - when you’re being exposed to hash, cold weather your hands need some protection 

        - applying moisturizer and putting your hands in gloves before you leave can help lock moisture in and keep your hands from the harsh weather 

        - if you need extra hydration use a petroleum jelly substitute like our soothing salve 

        - the soothing salve protects the skin while also being absorbed into the skin 

        - this is more beneficial than petroleum jelly because petroleum jelly provides a false sense of hydration and leaves a barrier on the skin


   - stay hydrated 

    - 75% of the population in the US are severely dehydrated. Your skin is the first place dehydration takes place.
   - it is recommended that women drink at least 96oz of water per day and men consume at least 120oz for proper hydration.
    - make sure the water you consume is purified. Reverse Osmosis is the best way to get truly purified water. It removes everything, to include trace minerals. If you feel you need trace minerals because you aren't eating enough foods that contain them, add a tiny pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt to your water every time you fill up.


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