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- during the winter time your scalp constantly produces sebum 

- oil accumulates on the scalp and can trap dirt, dust, and other particles, leaving your hair looking dingy, dirty, and oily 

- during colder months you wear things like hoodies, beanies or hats that turn up the heat and stimulate your scalp to produce more oil and sebum to protect itself


- tips to keep oily hair away


   - don’t touch your hair all the time

       - this  transfers dirt onto the scalp 

       - this causes the scalp to produce more oil because it’s trying to protect your scalp from free radicals 


   - wash your hair at the right time

       - you want to have set days to wash your hair weekly

       - over washing it can lead to more oil production because it dehydrates the scalp.

       - this in turn will lead to oil build up on the scalp which can collect dirt and germs and lead to other scalp issues 


   - use microfiber pillow cases and wash them often

       - cotton pillow cases are absorbent and will absorb the oil into the pillow case along with the existing dust, dirt and other particles in the air. They get trapped in the fibers of the pillow case and can cause bacteria to form.

In independent studies such as those published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)1 and by Dr. William Rutala,2 extremely fine (.37 micrometer diameter) microfiber was both laboratory and clinically tested and proven to remove up to 98 percent of bacteria and 93 percent of viruses from a surface using only water (no chemicals). In comparison, traditional cotton fibers have been shown to only remove 30 percent of the bacteria and 23 percent of the viruses from a contaminated environmental surface.


- use a gentle all natural shampoo

       - this is very beneficial when the scalp feels extremely greasy or has dandruff build up it will help remove it 

       - If you have excessively oily hair, shampoo twice a week to remove the  oil and dirt. Over time you should get the oily issues under control and can move to once a week.

       - excessive shampooing will trigger the production of  more oil making your problems worse.


   - ditch over the counter conditioners

       - they contain a lot of unnecessary chemicals and harsh ingredients, along with petroleum by-prodcuts.

       - look for Dead Sea Mineral Conditioners that will clean and condition your scalp with helpful herbs, minerals and essential oils.  


   - Dead Sea Hair Mud Masque

       - at least once a month, do a Deep Treatment to your scalp and hair with a GOOD Dead Sea Hair Mud Masque.
       -  it will detoxify the pores, strengthen hair roots as well as give volume, luster, shine and more manageability

      - also GREAT for gray hair taking color or processed treatments better and taming unruliness.


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