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Let’s look at a typical day for most of us:
Morning: Wake up, rush around getting ready for work. Grab something quick to eat – or
for a lot of folks it’s get a Frappachino and/or a biscuit at a drive thru somewhere.

Lunchtime – you either brought your lunch to work, they have a cafeteria or you hit another fast food restaurant.

End of work day – by now you’re physically exhausted and unless you are a construction worker or have an outdoor job, you’ve been busy sitting at a desk job all day long and should n
ow be heading to an exercise class of some sort. But most folks are ‘so tired’ they don’t ‘feel like it’ and they head home for the evening.

Dinnertime – Do you ever go for heavier foods – aka – ‘Comfort Foods’ which are extremely heavy, fattening and unhealthy for us. Dessert Anyone? This is one of my weakest areas and it’s something I try to avoid like the plague as much as possible. But, when I do want to ‘indulge’ I search for small things I can ration out, get my ‘fix’ and not feel cheated. One of the most indulgent things I’ve found are small, dark chocolate truffles. If you’re going to eat chocolate, at least make it ‘good-for- you’ chocolate! Dark chocolate has some outstanding health benefits – IN SMALL QUANTITIES! Plus, it only takes a few truffles to satisfy your sweet tooth – too many will give you an upset stomach. Another suggestion – don’t allow dessert to be a daily part of your life. Ration it as well – pick a few special days a month and allocate them as your ‘indulgence days’. Again, you won’t feel cheated!

After reading the above, can you see a ‘Recipe for Serious Unhealthiness’ if you continue to
‘Rinse & Repeat’ this cycle on a daily basis? Before you know it, one year, 5 years, 10 years have gone by and you look in the mirror and wonder who on earth that person is looking back at you! How’d you allow yourself to get here? Answer – small, daily choices!!! Decide to eat a handful of carrots instead of that bag of chips, or eat some fruit instead of that chocolate bar! That’s the end of our blog for today.

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Thought for Today: “Happiness is only a byproduct of successful living!” ~ Austen Riggs


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