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spicy foods

   - spicy foods make the blood vessels in your face swell and sometimes even burst

   - this leads to purple marking on your face

   - if you have rosacea, which is common in women post menapause, the heat can trigger it to flare up

   - it raises your body temperature causing you to sweat

   - if your face is dirty the sweat will mix with the bacteria causing acne problems as well


- margarine

   - most margarines contain trans fats

   - this raises your bad cholesterol and lowers the good

   - this will increase inflammation in the body

   - bodily inflammation is linked to stroke and heart disease

   - both of which can cause you to seem more aged


- soda's and energy drinks

   - the more you consume the quicker your cells in your tissues age

   - they have more calories and added sugar than any other beverage

   - when combined with the bacteria in your mouth is forms an acid that wears down tooth enamel and causes decay

   - it can also cause early onset dementia 

   - and increase your risk of stroke


- frozen dinners

   - one frozen dinner can pack half the sodium of your daily dose

   - when you eat too much salt it causes you to drink more

   - this floods your kidneys

   - this causes water retention that shows in your hands and face, causing you to appear more bloated and puffy


- alcohol

   - alcohol dehydrates you severely

   - it not only affects your internal organs it affects your skin as well

   - when you drink and become dehydrated, but then start drinking water to combat this, your organs are the first to get ahold of that water

   - leaving your skin behind for you to play catch up

   - this leaves dry, rough skin that is much more vulnerable to wrinkles 


- processed meats

   - avoid meats like pepperoni, ham, bacon, sausage, and deli cuts

   - these meats are salted to preserve their life

   - the sodium and preservatives cause inflammation

   - a little inflammation is good because it can aid your heart

   - too much inflammation on the other hand leads to things such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes

   - all those things lead to making your skin look older than it is because it puts stress on the body


- fried food

   - fried in oil at high temperatures

   - this causes a release in free radicals

   - when consumed it can cause cellular damage tot he skin

   - exposure to free radicals accelerates the aging process due to cross-linking

   - this can affect DNA molecules and weaken the skin's elastic ability

- baked goods

   - high in artery-clogging fat that put on the pounds 

   - they don't hold back on sugar which leads to diabetes

   - it can also lead to problems like high blood pressure and tooth decay

   - the sugar added will cause inflammation flare ups

   - it can lead to problems with arthritis, depression, Alzheimer's, and some cancers


- CHARRED meats

   - frying or grilling meats at high temps can cause AGE's (advanced glycation end products)

   - low levels of this from meats cooked on low temperatures are fine because your body creates them naturally

   - however, high levels cause inflammation problems


- high fructose corn syrup

   - known as table sugar's chemical cousin

   - it shows up in sweets, sodas, and many other foods as a cheap alternative

   - among other health problems, it interferes with your body's ability to use copper

   - this leads to problems with collagen production and elasticity in the skin

   - also very high in calories and can lead to many health problems that can age you quicker


- caffeine

   - a diuretic which stimulates your brain to go to the bathroom

   - this can lead to dehydration 

   - when you don't have enough water your skin halts the process of releasing toxins

   - this makes your skin more prone to wrinkles and psoriasis


- agave

   - better for your body than artificial sweeteners

   - is 90% fructose, which is only broken down in your liver

   - this causes your liver to be overworked turning it to fat and makes more free radicals


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