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- wash with a gentle facial wash


   - washing your face is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine

   - it removes dirt and buildup, as well as makeup that you've had on all day

   - it gets the built up bacteria and pollutants off your face to prevent acne breakouts

   - it also helps your skin be more open to absorb other skincare products

   - you want to make sure you're using a natural, gentle cleanser to help keep your skin from being dehydrated or damaged

   - make sure to avoid SLS or SLES in your facial wash as these are harmful to your skin 


- facial scrub/exfoliant


   - as you age your skin stops replenishing itself 

   - dead skin cells aren't replaced quick enough when this happens

   - this can make your skin look dull and uneven

   - exfoliants get the dead skin cells off helping to reveal new skin cells 

   - it's best to avoid harsh physical exfoliants as they can scratch or damage the skin

   - it also makes your skin more susceptible to sagging

   - chemical exfoliants can cause way more harm than good

   - not only are you putting chemicals on your skin that are being absorbed into your bloodstream and causing havoc throughout your body

   - they're bad for your skin in general

   - they can cause problems such as:

       - redness

       - scabbing

       - swelling

       - changes in skin color

       - infection

       - heart, kidney, or liver damage

   - when using exfoliants, make sure you use something with a gentle physical exfoliator (like our dermabrasion scrub)

   - make sure you're using something with natural ingredients as to not clog the pores, and not cause toxic damage to your skin or body 


- face masks


   - face masks are great for skin care

   - they penetrate your skin, leaving behind a clean surface 

   - the right face mask will hydrate your skin

   - however it will also remove excess oil and dirt

   - you also want one that will help minimize your pores because this keeps them from becoming clogged and leading to acne

   - the right kind of face mask will pull out impurities from the skin and pores as well, leaving them fresh and clean after

   - you want to make sure you're using an all natural face mask though

   - face masks might seem innocent on the front, but most of the time when you read the ingredients and do a little research it's shocking

   - most of them contain toxic chemicals, known carcinogens, and other ingredients that typically cause more harm than good

   - here's a little list of some of the ingredients you want to avoid in a face mask:

        - aluminum 

        - DEA, MEA, TEA

        - DMDM Hydantoin 

        - mineral oil

        - parabens (typically have methyl, butyl, eythl, or propyl in the name)

        - PEG's

        - phthalates

        - propylene + butylene glycol
        - Triclosan - banned in 2017


- hydrating botanical toner


   - the reason you want to use a toner is because it replenishes your skin after you remove your makeup with a cleanser

   - it's a significant step that can improve your skin

   - it removes the last traces of dirt and impurities that are trapped in your pores

   - even after washing your face there are some left behind that you want to make sure to get 

   - it also minimizes the appearance of pores keeping them from getting clogged as often

   - toner helps to restore your skins pH balance as well 

   - this allows your skin to absorb more of the products put on after the toner


- serum


   - serums can be so beneficial to the anti-aging process

   - they also can benefit things like dark circles or age spots

   - adding a serum to your daily routine can improve the appearance of your skin

   - if you have super oily skin, sometimes a serum and the tiniest amount of moisturizer are all your skin needs

   - you want to make sure that you're using a serum with natural ingredients as these will be absorbed into the skin

   - if you use a toxic serum then it can leave behind chemicals, and other problems in the skin and cause buildup over time

   - use a serum with natural ingredients that firm and tone your face without causing any damage 


- moisturizer 


   - hydrate the skin and protect its health 

   - it protects against free radicals entering into the skin 

   - they give the skin a smoother appearance and with it being hydrated it helps it stay plump and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines 


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