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- foods high in fiber 

   - fruits, veggies, steel cut oats, and legumes

   - these can aid with keeping you regular

   - also lower cholesterol levels

   - help manage blood sugar as well

   - men over 51 - eat 30g of fiber daily

   - women over over 51 - 21g daily 


- whole grains 

   - good source of fiber

   - rich in vitamin B6 

   - B6 and folate are important for preserving brain health

   - can also cut your chances of getting heart disease, cancer and diabetes 

   - also eat quinoa, wheat berries, and whole-wheat couscous 


- nuts 

   - tree nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pecans

   - full of anti-aging powers

   - contains nutrients that can delay or prevent heart related diseases 

   - these nutrients have the potential to protect against cancer, stroke, diabetes 2, and nerve disease

   - they also protect your brain against aging as well


- fish - wild-caught

   - salmon, tuna, herring, and  trout

   - they’re high in DHA and omega-3 fatty acids

   - both of these are incredible for brain function 

   - low levels of DHA have been linked to Alzheimer’s 

   - by getting enough DHA you can potentially even improve brain function when Alzheimer’s sets in

   - chia seeds are also a good source of DHA if you don’t like fish


- lean protein

   - protein rich foods fight natural muscle loss

   - enjoy your protein in foods like eggs, fish, chicken, or daily products 

   - avoid using protein powders because they don’t deliver as many nutrients 


- grass fed dairy products 

   - you want to make sure to get the right kind of dairy products 

   - dairy products high in added sugar can cause more harm than good

   - try getting unsweetened Greek yogurt and adding honey 

   - the calcium in dairy helps keep your bones healthy

   - as you get older it can help prevent things like 

      - osteoporosis 

      - colon cancer

      - high blood sugar

   - after age 50 it is recommended you take 1,200 mg of calcium daily

   - you can get this through fat free, or low fat dairy products 

   - yogurt, rice drinks, fortified oj, and tofu are great ways to get calcium
     other than dairy


- blueberries 

   - contains polyphenols that lower inflammation throughout your body 

   - lessen the damage to your DNA cells which lessens the chances of getting some diseases

   - improve how well your brain cells communicate with each other 

   - fresh or frozen is best, when you bake them the polyphenol levels drop 


- red or orange colored produce 

   - watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, red bell peppers

   - studies show it can lower your risk with some types of cancer 

   - can help prevent strokes 


- cruciferous veggies

   - the older you get the worse your immune system gets

   - these veggies can help boost your immune system 

   - broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower

   - have a chemical called sulforaphane that switches on your immune system cells 

   - this helps your immune system attack toxins that damage your cell


- dark leafy greens 

   - aids with keeping your eyes healthy

   - spinach, kale, collard greens

   - the antioxidants in them help to lower your chances of getting cataracts and macular degeneration 

   - eat one serving a day and keep away memory loss, thinking, and judgement 


- avocado

   - studies show the antioxidants in them can improve your memory and help you problem solve faster

   - May help lower cholesterol

   - lessen chances of getting arthritis 


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