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- types of acne


   - noninflammatory

       - this refers to clogged pores that show up as blackheads or whiteheads

       - they are the mildest type and are very easy to spot

       - blackheads have a dark appearance and are mainly flat against the skin

       - whiteheads are small flesh or white colored bumps


   - inflammatory

       - any kind of clogged pore with a red and swollen appearance

       - it can range from small papules or pustules

       - papules are small red bumps 

       - pustules are small bumps that contain pus

       - papules usually turn into pustules during the acne cycle

       - they range to even worse acne like cysts

       - these are deep and painful

       - these are larger than your usual pimple

       - and they feel very hard and are usually deep under the skin 



- acne issues can depend on your skin type


   - it's common to link acne to only oily skin

   - this is because excess oil is known to cause breakouts

   - however dry skin types can experience acne for other reasons

   - it can be due to environmental factors or a poor skincare routine

   - a good way to test what type of skin you have is so simple

   - on a day that you can stay inside for a few hours, wash your face with a gentle soap

   - after a few hours examine your skin

   - if your skin is shiny then you have oily skin

   - if your skin has flaky, redness, tightness, or rough patches then you have dry skin

   - if you have "normal" skin then you won't see any of this, but it doesn't rule you out from having acne breakouts

   - if you have combination skin then your skin will usually appear dry on the cheeks, but shiny on the forehead, nose, and chin (also known as the T zone)



- tips and tricks


   - wash twice a day

        - wash your face before going to bed, and then again when you wake up

        - make sure you also wash your face after sweating or being in an environment that has left residue on your skin

        - if you wash your face too often it can lead to irritation in the skin, so make sure you don't wash more than needed


- be gentle

        - a lot of the time we think that acne is a dirt problem

        - that your pores are full of gunk that needs to be scrubbed out

        - but that isn't the case

        - you want to make sure that if you are exfoliating that you're using a gentle exfoliator

        - use something that will begin to melt on the skin instead of something with a nut shell, or something that's abrasive and can cause more damage than good


   - don't pick or pop

        - while it is insanely tempting to want to squeeze that pimple DO NOT DO IT

        - this can lead to scarring issues on your face

        - it can also transfer bacteria from that pore, to other pores

        - this can lead to more acne on the skin

        - also trying to pop it can push the bacteria in deeper causing it to form cyst like acne


   - opt for oil free products

        - when looking for skin care for acne, you want to find something that is oil free

        - even if you have naturally dry skin, but suffer with acne, make sure you get oil free products for the areas you have acne breakouts in

        - however even if it says oil free, or non comedogenic you want to make sure that you read over the ingredient list first

        - a lot of these products will contain things like alcohol or fragrance

        - both of these can lead to irritated skin

        - which in turn will up your oil production and cause more acne issues 


   - stay hydrated

        - keeping your skin hydrated can fight excess oil

        - you want to make sure to use a cream that is full of skin beneficial ingredients so it soaks into your pores

        - opt for something with Dead Sea minerals so while it's hydrating your skin it's also fighting bad bacteria 

        - make sure that you drink around a gallon a day, or eight 8oz glasses of water a day to help keep your skin hydrated from the inside as well 


  - Dead Sea Facial Products that are GREAT for Acne Issues!

Mineral Facial Wash
Oil-Free Dead Sea Dermabrasion
Sensitive Skin Mud Masque
Max-Tox Serum
Mud Lite II Crème


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