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-Belly Fat (also known as Visceral Fat) is considered the MOST harmful fat in your body

-It's linked to many health issues:

   - insulin resistance

   - metabolic syndrome

   - heart disease

   - type 2 Diabetes

   - non-alchohol fatty liver disease

   - increased risk for certain types of cancers

If you can pinch a good amount of subcutaneous fat, chances are you have a large amt of visceral fat lurking underneath your abdominal muscles!

Stop consuming the following foods ESPECIALLY in the morning!

- Juice & Soda 

   - Diet Soda - NEVER!

   - juice and sodas are FULL of added sugars

   - if you absolutely have to have juice, opt for something like orange juice with pulp (and without added sugar)

   - diet sodas are full of aspartame which is very bad for your body and even weakens bones 



   - this includes things like :

      - Bagels

      - Donuts

      - cookies

      - toast 

   - these up your blood sugar levels

   - they also don't have any nutritional value to them so they're really not great for the body

Trans Fat 

   - Margarine I can't believe its not butter

   - these increase your risk of heart disease

   - it lowers your good cholesterol

   - while in turn raising your bad cholesterol 
   - non-dairy coffee creamers that contain partially hydrogenated soybean or cottonseed oils.

Artificial sweeteners

   - highly addictive

   - they affect your hormones 

   - even slow down your metabolism

   - ingredients in some of these are also linked to causing cancer 
   - Equal, Nutrasweet, Splenda and a host of others


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