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  • Are you REALLY getting 100% Pure Dead Sea Ingredients?

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    You might be saying, "What a weird question to ask!" but allow me to enlighten you why I've posed this question. 

    You see I've been to both sides of the Dead Sea in search of 100% PURE Dead Sea Ingredients that have No Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Worthless Fillers or have been what I call, 'Ripped + Stripped' of their valuable minerals. 

    A little background on my journey:

    In 2007 I discovered there were numerous 'extra ingredients' being put into our Dead Sea Ingredients that did not make it to the MSDS list from our distributor at the time. I was mortified! Why? Because I was using the products for my own health issues and making retail products for my shop. 

    In 2008 my husband and I decided to go over to the Dead Sea and learn more about the mining process, etc. We found out they were sifting the Dead Sea Mud with street water and adding chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fragrances to keep the natural churning of the Dead Sea dormant. As well as cutting it with Kaolin Clay and Talc Powder as cheap fillers to stretch the Dead Sea Mud (it's quite expensive to mine the Dead Sea Mud out of the Dead Sea, so they used fillers to make it go further)

    I also found out that there were multiple levels of Dead Sea Salt. The Arab Potash Group has the exclusive rights to mine the Dead Sea in Jordan until 2057. They created the Dead Sea Salt Flats for mining the Salts and extracting the minerals to use for Potash - aka Fertilizer which is a multi-billion dollar industry and is sold worldwide. 

    Well, when they extract the minerals, the salt left behind is technically considered to be 'Dead Sea Salt'. However, it's been 'Ripped + Stripped' of all its natural Healing + Therapeutic Powers. It's basically a bitter-tasting NaCl - Sodium Chloride. That is mainly sold to countries for melting ice on roads during winter months. It's SUPER CHEAP! 

    We learned that the purest form of Dead Sea Salt is what's called - Semi-Dry Salt. It hasn't been processed, heated or 'Ripped + Stripped'. It's like scooping up the salt out of the Dead Sea with your bare hands. (I've done that - so cool!!!) 

    How do you know if you're getting 'The Real Deal' or 'Ripped + Stripped' Dead Sea Salt? Leave the container lid off the salt for a week or so. If your Dead Sea Salts aren't slushy in the bottom of the container - they are 'Ripped + Stripped'.

    Explanation: The Dead Sea Salts in their pure form are natural humectants. They draw moisture to themselves. Over time they get saturated and begin to create Dead Sea Brine (aka Water). Thus the reason the salts become 'slushy' in the bottom of your container. 

    If they are dry, you've got a 'Ripped + Stripped' product. It's still Dead Sea Salt, but it doesn't contain all fo the valuable health-beneficial minerals.

    When we import our 40,000 pounds of Dead Sea Mud, Powdered Clay and Semi-Dry Salts, we have to put each 25kg bag in another bag to keep the brine making under control. It's a true labor of love around here - but one that is DEFINITELY worth it to us!

    Here's a link to purchase our 100% Pure & Natural Dead Sea Semi-Dry Bath Crystals:

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  • We're REBRANDING!!!

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    Hey there! First and foremost, Welcome to Our Website! We are the Aviv Chicks, and we're on a mission to help make and provide the best quality, all natural skin, hair, nail, and wellness products! We strive to ensure that our products are free from toxic ingredients, harmful ingredients, and we're on a mission to shed light on the ingredients the beauty industry is putting in our personal care products. 

    Now that you know a little bit more about us, let's talk about the construction our website is going through. We have thought long and hard and had so many meetings and countless hours pouring over our brand and logo. We wanted to make something simple that delivers our message and elegance at the same time. 

    Since we tie the earth + sea into every product we manufacture, we wanted our logo and brand name to represent both. Our new name is now officially, Aviv Wellnessceuticals.

    Aviv is Hebrew for 'New Beginning' which is what our products do for hair, skin + nails
    Wellnessceuticals is a name we created as an 'alternative' to pharmaceuticals because our products do NOT create harmful side effects and they promote health + wellness.

    Our new logo brings the Earth + Sea together to help nourish our health + well-being, safely, effectively and naturally.

    Thank you for your continued support of our products + brand/name 'upgrade'! Our promise to you (and ourselves) is to always offer the highest quality products that are free of Parabens, Formaldehyde, Synthetic Dyes + Fragrances, Petroleum by-products, Soy, Gluten + GMO's. As well as being Cruelty + Bioaccumulate Free! 

    Get out there each and every day - Live, Laugh + Love Abundantly & with Abandon

    Always remember that you ARE a priceless treasure!

    Tammy + Jessica

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  • Great Beauty Tips™: Day One

    22 comments / Posted on by Tammy Doering

    Let’s look at a typical day for most of us:
    Morning: Wake up, rush around getting ready for work. Grab something quick to eat – or
    for a lot of folks it’s get a Frappachino and/or a biscuit at a drive thru somewhere.

    Lunchtime – you either brought your lunch to work, they have a cafeteria or you hit another fast food restaurant.

    End of work day – by now you’re physically exhausted and unless you are a construction worker or have an outdoor job, you’ve been busy sitting at a desk job all day long and should n
    ow be heading to an exercise class of some sort. But most folks are ‘so tired’ they don’t ‘feel like it’ and they head home for the evening.

    Dinnertime – Do you ever go for heavier foods – aka – ‘Comfort Foods’ which are extremely heavy, fattening and unhealthy for us. Dessert Anyone? This is one of my weakest areas and it’s something I try to avoid like the plague as much as possible. But, when I do want to ‘indulge’ I search for small things I can ration out, get my ‘fix’ and not feel cheated. One of the most indulgent things I’ve found are small, dark chocolate truffles. If you’re going to eat chocolate, at least make it ‘good-for- you’ chocolate! Dark chocolate has some outstanding health benefits – IN SMALL QUANTITIES! Plus, it only takes a few truffles to satisfy your sweet tooth – too many will give you an upset stomach. Another suggestion – don’t allow dessert to be a daily part of your life. Ration it as well – pick a few special days a month and allocate them as your ‘indulgence days’. Again, you won’t feel cheated!

    After reading the above, can you see a ‘Recipe for Serious Unhealthiness’ if you continue to
    ‘Rinse & Repeat’ this cycle on a daily basis? Before you know it, one year, 5 years, 10 years have gone by and you look in the mirror and wonder who on earth that person is looking back at you! How’d you allow yourself to get here? Answer – small, daily choices!!! Decide to eat a handful of carrots instead of that bag of chips, or eat some fruit instead of that chocolate bar! That’s the end of our blog for today.

    We greatly appreciate all of you that continue to support our company’s services and products. Please tell your friends and family about our unique and different business! Please Like our Aviv International Facebook Page! I pray you have marvelous week! 

    Thought for Today: “Happiness is only a byproduct of successful living!” ~ Austen Riggs

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  • How to calculate how much you're paying for Hemp Flower Extract - Per Drop

    23 comments / Posted on by Jim Doering

    You CAN'T get away from the hottest topic on the market right now! 

    Hemp Extract - Oil, Creams, Salves, Gummies, Vape Cartridges, Dog Treats, Gel Caps, Snacks, Drinks, Coffee..... can it get any more overwhelming? 

    And there are sooooo many different companies and prices out there, too! 

    If you're like me, you certainly DON'T want to be DUPED when you're spending your hard earned money to 'feel better'! 

    Allow us to help you figure out just how much the Hemp Extract product is actually costing you per milligram of Hemp Extract. 

    We'll use a bottle of Hemp Extract to help you break this down:

    Take the size of the bottle - 2ml, 5ml, 30ml, 60ml, etc.

    Next, how many milligrams of Hemp Flower Extract are in the bottle – 500mg’s, 750mg’s, etc

    Divide the milligrams by the size of the bottle That will tell you how many Hemp Flower Extract you're getting per milliliter There are 20 drops in one milliliter.

    Divide how much Hemp Flower Extract you have per milliliter by 20. That gives you how much Hemp Flower Extract is in each drop.

    Next, take the price you are paying and divide it by how many drops your bottle contains.

    Here's an example using our Wellnessceuticals True, Raw, Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil - Our 30ml bottle contains 2400mg's Hemp Flower Extract and has the legal level of THC which is .3 of 1% (Yes, we have a certificate of analysis posted in our Day Spa)

    30ml bottle = 600 drops our cost is $185.00 per bottle $185 divided by 600 drops = .31cents per drop

    Each drop of our product contains 4mg's of Hemp Flower Extract which equals out to .077 cents per milligram.

    Our product has 80mg’s of CBD’s per milliliter – the highest content on the market today.

    Contrary to what some people are saying, the True, Raw, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil   is the BEST for your Endocannibidiol System. This oil is going to be dark brown in color because it contains the ENTIRE plant - from the Hemp Chlorophyll, CBD's and in a Virgin Organic Hemp Seed Oil. This is the BEST way to boost your Endocannibidial System!

    That's all we have for you today! Hope this information was helpful!

    If you're searching for the Ultimate Premium Hemp CBD Oil Products, click here:

    Made in USA - Farm Fresh

    We've got you covered - Safely, Effectively + Reasonably - in EVERY Drop!

    Here's to your future Health + Well-being!


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  • Great Beauty Tips™: Day14

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    Hello Everyone! Life is flying by faster than the speed of light and there isn’t anything I can do about it, except  Hang on & enjoy the ride!” But while I’m ‘hanging on’, I must confess – I have a HUGE phobia about aging. I honestly DO NOT want to look or feel old! And when you think about it – why do we ‘settle’ for it anyway?

    We need to change our stinkinthinkin and remove the word impossible from our vocabularies  and view that negative word as a positive one – IM Possible! Yes, it’s really in there! Blew my mind one day when I looked at it that way! I’m Possible – WOW! That means if I decide to do it – It’s Possible not impossible!

    For starters begin a ‘Preventative Maintenance Care Regimen’.  For the most part I exercise minimum of an hour a day 5 days a week. I either do interval training with my hubby, or we do our Insanity for the day– even when I’m sick I don’t miss class! Being gone several times this year has really made me wake-up & realize how fast ‘aging’ can creep up on you if you don’t exercise and eat right. One week of vacation can add anywhere from 1-6 pounds on a person! And the older you get, the harder you have to work to get it off. Being over weight and have excess fat not only ages you externally, it does it internally, too!

    Other ways I ‘fight aging’ is to use our 6 step Dead Sea Facial regimen. Created by me for me to ‘turn back the hands of time’ and YES! It really works! I’ve personally seen it change tens of thousands of faces over the past 14+ years I’ve been formulating our products! Even die-hard skeptics become sold-out believers after one treatment! Here’s the regimen:

    Morning & Night: Wash face using our Dead Sea Mineral Mud Facial Wash or Bars

    1-2 times a week: Apply your favorite Dead Sea Mineral Peel. For deeper exfoliation, use our Rotary Facial Brush with sponge attachment and create your own Dead Sea Dermabrasion! This treatment will blow you away when you see the results!

    1-2 times a week: Apply your favorite Dead Sea Mineral Mud Masque. I personally do a mud masque daily now – going into year two – the skin just look more resilient and younger even with extreme sun exposure!

    Morning & Night: Apply our wonderful Hydrating Botanical Toner – smells and feels wonderful!!!

    Morning & Night: Apply our Botox Alternative – Max~Tox Facial Serum and regain your ‘Youthful Appearance’…Naturally!

    Morning & Night: Apply our Mud~Lite II™ Mineral Crème. Hydrate & Moisturize your skin every chance you get!

    Well, that’s it for today! We greatly appreciate all of you that continue to support our products and services! Please like us on Facebook and Instagram!

    Thought for Today: You are the only problem you will ever have and
    you are the only solution! ~Bob Proctor

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