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Software Infrastructure 2.0: A Wishlist (2021)

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    Your end-to-end stack for cloud compute

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  2. The no-code SaaS platform
    I built a serverless SaaS no-code/low-code platform which could be of interest: You just need plain HTML which can be deployed online with something like GitHub pages. I've built a few apps with it including a simple real-time chat app which supports both group chat, private 1-on-1 chat with an account system, OAuth via GitHub... The entire app is only 260 lines of HTML markup. See: There is a bit of a learning curve to figure out how the components work but once you understand it, you can build apps ridiculously quickly. The chat app only took me a few hours to build. I've been helping a friend to build an application related to HR with Saasufy and I managed to get the basic search functionality working with only 160 lines of HTML markup.

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